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All My Children, TV Tropes, and an Effing Wedding Dress.

All My Children, TV Tropes, and an Effing Wedding Dress.

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about who I thought this spoiler...
Someone may get married this summer.

...was referring to.

In that post, I predicted that Jack and Erica were the most likely to get married since they've been needing to get re-married for quite a while and were supposed to have a ceremony in April (that is, until Erica got kidnapped by a woman who took over her life).

Well, now, I'm starting to think that spoiler was about JR and Marissa.

I know, I sucks. BUT, I don't think they'll actually get married. The spoiler only says they "may" get married.

What makes me think that there will be some kind of wedding stoppage moment coming? I'm glad you asked.

The Wedding Dress

My bad feeling that Marissa might consider re-marrying JR started because of this picture that Chrishell Stause posted on Twitter two weeks ago. Sarah Glendening, who plays Marissa, is wearing a white dress. A very long white dress. So long, it seems, that is has to be draped over the side of the chair. Y'all, that is a wedding dress.

As soon as I saw that behind-the-scenes photo, I thought of a few scenarios of why Marissa would be wearing a wedding dress.

1) Marissa has an Almost-Wedding to JR.

We know she won't actually marry him because according to the story, she's not supposed to be with him (in fact, she's supposed to be with Bianca). Something or someone will interrupt the wedding that prevents Marissa from actually getting hitched to JR a second time, but she'll at least, be in the dress, for sure.

2) Marissa is wearing the dress in a dream/nightmare sequence.

If I remember correctly, this has actually happened before, back when Sarah Glendening first joined the show as Marissa. I seem to recall a situation in which Crazy!Annie was enraged about Marissa and kept having these hallucinations that Marissa was taunting her about JR...while wearing a wedding dress. 

It seems unlikely for this scenario to happen again, although, it'd be interesting if it was a nightmare of Bianca's to see Marissa marry JR, knowing that she helped make it happen, despite her feelings for Marissa.

3) Marissa marries Bianca.

I really, highly, doubt it at this time, given the circumstances. Way too soon.

By Process of Elimination, even though, I hate it...I'm going with the first scenario.

"Marissa takes a huge step..."

We hadn't really heard or seen anything more to connect directly to the dress UNTIL this new spoiler:
Marissa takes a huge step after Bianca confesses her feelings. But towards whom?

Personally, I would've hoped that once Bianca says "I love you" to Marissa, that the light bulbs would go off and they could start heading towards their Happy Ending (after all, the show is over in a few months), but this is soap opera and that's too easy. The "but towards whom" part of the spoiler is what intrigues me. You would think Marissa, of course, would take that step towards Bianca who loves her and treats her right, but it almost reads like a misleading trick. I would love to be wrong, but something about the spoiler makes me uneasy and I think that "something" leads me back to the picture of Sarah in the wedding dress. That "huge step"? Could be a wedding.

"All My Children"? It should be called "All My Tropes".

I was really hoping the Bianca/Marissa/JR triangle wouldn't go as far as an almost wedding to the wrong person because it would've been refreshing for Bianca to confess her feelings to someone and that woman go "You know what? I love you, too.". Also, it's really played out. However, this is soap opera and this is Bianca Montgomery, the Queen of Misery. The genre and the character LIVE for these kinds of angst-ridden and drama-filled stories. So, having two people mutually loving each other without any conflict? Who needs that on their soap opera?

This particular love triangle is covered in TV Tropes. Bianca has a, seemingly, unrequited love for Marissa, but Marissa is pretty clueless about Bianca's feelings. Bianca just wants Marissa to be happy, so she plays Cyrano to help JR (the romantic false lead and Jerk Ass) win Marissa back, but only under the condition that he doesn't hurt her again (like he did the first time, when he cheated on Marissa with Crazy!Annie). Why the threat? Because eventually, JR will screw up (by cheating on Marissa AGAIN), helping Marissa solidify her decision that he's the wrong guy for her (only after she first chooses incorrectly). But, Marissa won't be able to make that decision until she knows all the facts, which probably won't come out until a wedding that has to be stopped.

I don't think it will come down to Bianca running in to stop it (or in the case of Shawn on Days of Our Lives, riding a motorcycle through a stained-glass window) because I suspect Bianca will suck things up to support Marissa as Maid of Honor, no matter how she really feels. 'Cause Bianca's selfless like that.

Instead, I think either Marissa pulls a Runaway Bride or someone like Scott (who has also echoed a little of this in the form of making sure Marissa's happiness is maintained) comes in to shut things down. I kind of like that Scott would do something because a) it keeps Bianca from being selfish and b) that would royally piss off JR.

I'm somewhat confused by upcoming spoilers, but it seems like what's coming is a situation where Bianca confesses her feelings to Marissa and Marissa has to make a choice. This leads to her HUGE STEP. I'd really hate it if Bianca put her heart on the line and then, Marissa walks down an aisle to JR. That would be frustrating as all get out to watch, but I think that's where things may be heading. No worries, though, all of this pretty much guarantees an earned Happy Ending.
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