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I've only been watching All My Children for close to three years, so there's a lot of history that I still don't know, so every now and then, when a storyline comes up, I fish around YouTube to find relevant clips to give me more backstory.

Currently, on AMC, Dixie Martin has been resurrected by David Hayward's Project Orpheus and while I knew that she had died from eating pancakes that were poisoned for Babe a while back, I'm learning that this isn't the first time she's come back from the dead.

While eating my lunch today at work, I found this clip. Lord, I haven't laughed so hard since well, the last time I laughed really hard (which, coincidentally, was last night while watching yesterday's AMC when Kathy saw Zombie!Dixie).
  • JR busting in the door in a wheelchair had me in stitches. I know, I know. I am a terrible human being, but sometimes, I can't contain it.
  • "You know, your mama didn't come back from the dead, just to walk out on you again." I love that Krystal is so completely serious when she says this as if coming back from the dead was no big thang.
  • I don't know much about Dixie's brother, but he really looks like he wants to ask the nurses where the weight room is.
  • No wonder Dixie ends up dead. Nobody (including DR. JOE MARTIN) is doing anything, but reminiscing. Geez, Joe. Maybe stop thinking about the good 'ole times and save a woman's life.
  • JR is only sympathetic when he's dying or injured. Otherwise, he's a total douche-b.
  • I get your life flashing before your eyes as you die, but a wedding montage? 

One of the reasons I watch soap opera is for the cheesy lulz and that one clip brought a lot of them, especially, considering that Dixie is alive again on AMC.

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