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August = Pinocchio

August = Pinocchio

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Once Upon A Time / Emma / The Hope
While I don't like the August Is Pinocchio Theory, let's be honest. That's probably who he is.

Reasons Why I Have a Problem With August Being Pinocchio:

1) Need to Explain How He Escaped the Curse

This is my biggest concern. Everyone else in Storybrooke has had to suffer under the Evil Queen's curse, so why would August/Pinocchio be the exception?

I've read theories that maybe he was part of the wood that was made to create the wardrobe that brought Emma to our world. Sure, it's possible, but then you'd have to make Pinocchio, who was a real boy at the time, back into a wooden boy, chop him up, and make him into a closet. Which? Eww.

I'm just going to go with "The Blue Fairy was involved somehow" because she was the one who created the power of the escape that saved Emma, so it seems logical that she helped Pinocchio.

Way that this will suck less:
Odds are good that if this is addressed and explained well, I'll probably be okay with August being Pinocchio, but it has to, above everything else, make sense.

2) Lessens Emma's Special-ness

Emma was so important to Fairy Tale Land, that her parents gave her up so she could save them all. They made her a special wardrobe that only she could go in. She was the special one who was to be the savior.

Oh, but wait...there's also maybe this other kid, too.

To me, Pinocchio escaping like Emma is the equivalent of how Superman was once considered "the last son of Krypton" when there are so many other Kryptonians in existence.

I also would prefer Geppetto not be shown as a selfish parent who just wants his child to be saved. Yes, that would be a natural instinct for a parent to have, but what about Grace or Hansel and Gretel? Why couldn't they be saved? How is that fair?

Way that this will suck less:
If Pinocchio was saved to be Emma's helpmate. If they keep Emma being THE savior, but needing someone to help her get there, I could probably get on board.

3) Emma/Pinocchio? Yeah, I don't know that I can ship that.

I think Emma and August are cute, but if he turns out to be Pinocchio, I'm going to have to get over Emma having this guy as a love interest.

I liked the idea that since Emma is a brand-new fairy tale character, she should have her own unique love interest/prince. Pairing her with Pinocchio, an established character, is not something I'm really up for.

Way that this will suck less:
August is a handsome, mysterious, motorcycle guy and it fits right in with how Once Upon A Time takes storybook characters and makes them their own. We don't know what happened to Pinocchio when he grew up, so who knows? Maybe he does turn into a hipster guy who likes leather jackets and fast wheels?

If this show can win me over with Belle and RUMPLESTILTSKIN, they've at least, earned some trust from me to try new things.

My Peace, Amen

I think August would be much cooler if he turned out to be Baelfire, Rumple's son, but I've made my peace with him being Pinocchio because the hints have been so heavy-handed in that direction. I trust the writers of this show to tell a good story, so as long as it makes sense and is presented in a fun way, I could probably get over my own personal preference.

  • lol @ the the pic of Pinocchio

    I'm totally with you that the hints have been heavy handed toward august being Pinocchio. I'm convinced that's who he has to be. I think the August=Baelfire theory is pretty cool but too. My favorite theory for Baelfire is that he's a lost boy from Peter Pan, but unfortunately, that will not be happening :(
    • I think it's still a possibility that somehow, August is Baelfire because episode 19 is all about Rumple and his son in FTL and in Storybrooke, it's about Mr. Gold and August, with Gold trying to figure out his identity and them dealing with that knife.

      What beef would Pinocchio have with him? The only way that confrontation makes any sense to me at this point is if he is Baelfire.

      But, maybe Rumple did something in Pinocchio's backstory to give him a motive to meet him in the woods at night? :)

      I really like/liked the idea of Baelfire and Emma because he's a new addition to an old tale like she is. He would have had a foot in each world just like she had. That would have been a cool new story to see unfold.

      I think we're all kidding ourselves, though, if we didn't consider the Pinocchio thing as a very real and the most likely possibility. It's not my preference, but then it's not my show.
      • Interesting, I never thought of Bae and Emma before.

        But, maybe Rumple did something in Pinocchio's backstory to give him a motive to meet him in the woods at night? :)

        If TPTB go this route, it would not surprise me that Rumple (being the flawless MB that he is) would have some sort of tie into the Pinocchio back story. My only hope is it will makes sense.
        • "I never thought of Bae and Emma before. "

          I sort of like the idea that if they eventually got married, Rumple would come to the Charmings' family functions :)

          But, I think what I COULD possibly like about Pinocchio and Emma is if they parallel them as orphaned children whose parents give them up for the greater good. I still kinda don't like that Emma isn't the only one who escapes the curse to our world, but as long as she is the only one who can SAVE THEM ALL, then I'll eventually be okay with it.
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