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Wesley Snipes is NOT Liz Lemon's Future Husband.

Wesley Snipes is NOT Liz Lemon's Future Husband.

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"saving people"


Wesley [to Liz]:  I don't think we were meant to be together.

Liz met Wesley at the dentist's office on Anna Howard Shaw Day (A.K.A. Valentine's Day).  While they were both hopped up on anesthesia, Liz put Wesley in her phone contact list as "Future Husband" and he put her in his phone contact list as "Future Wife".

After the anesthesia wore off, Liz didn't know who "Future Husband" was, but found out that he was English and he made her laugh.  To find out his true identity, Liz uses trickery as suggested by Kenneth because "deceit is okay if it's done for love" and sets it up so she and Wesley are back at the dentist's office together.  She calls him while in the waiting room and Wesley picks up the phone, which let's her know he is her "future husband".  He calls the number back and Liz is revealed to be his "future wife".

Liz and Wesley go out for coffee and do their "sibling listing", but realize very quickly that they share nothing in common and don't even like each other. 

Liz [to Kenneth]:  It was a disaster!  We were so awkward that the waitress gave us separate checks without asking!  And, a priest came over and asked us who we'd lost!

The universe keeps pushing Wesley and Liz together, though.  Wesley finds Kenneth's wallet and comes to TGS to return it to him.  Liz and Wesley buy movie tickets to see Hot Tub Time Machine for the same showing.

Dr. Kaplan [to Liz and Wesley]:  You think you found "The One" in my Recovery Room?

Liz and Wesley decide to go back to Dr. Kaplan's Recovery Room to find out what their connection was and realize it was just the anaesthesia.  They delete each other from their phones, only to meet one more time due to Wesley's "footcycle" accident with Liz's cab.  Wesley comes to the conclusion that the universe wants them to settle for one another.

Wesley [to Liz]:  I think Fate is telling us this is the best we're ever gonna get.  We're each other's Settling Soulmates.

Liz refuses to settle for Wesley and walks away from him, reaffirming her belief in romantic love.
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